Curci & Genovese Law Firm

Curci & Genovese Law Firm is based in Bari e Potenza (Italy) and, if necessary can collaborate with other lawyers in contact with him.

The Law firm based in Bari is open from monday to friday between 9.00 and 13.00 and between 16.30 and 20.00.

In the same hours you can contact us by phone (or by these other ways). After these hours is always active the answering machine.

Customers are receveid only by appointment preferably in the afternoon.

The Law firm based in Potenza can receive customers only by appointment arranged by calling our numbers.

For special requirements may be granted appointments outside office or, possibly, on Saturday morning.

At the specific request is also possible to arrange appointments through video conferencing system like Skype, Google talk,FaceTime or similar procedures.

Referring to the contact page you can know all the possibilities made ​​available to communicate with our office.

The Law firm also provides regular updates and news about their activities on the "blog" to the address and by the Twitter account @emiliocurci.

Our lawyers are able to read real-time e-mail sent to that you can use for any communication, even urgent.

For Blackberry users is always possible to send messages by Blackberry Messenger. You can read istructions at this page.

Customers can contact us in english language.

Studio Legale Curci & Genovese
Via Niccolò Putignani, 267 - 70122 BARI


Law Firm Curci & Genovese born in dicember 2010 to combine professional experiences of lawyers Emilio Curci ed Antonia Genovese from Bari.

The different skills acquired over the years by the two lawyers can offer its customers a complete and accurate service in all branches of law discussed in this site.

The office, situated in a strategic area of the city, (Via Niccolò Putignani n. 267), between the urban center and the main courts (civil and criminal courts, TAR) allows us to quickly achieve the same for the management of litigation (filing of documents, participation in hearings, reference files, etc. ..).

In this area there are numerous public pay parking, however, the entire area is served by the main urban transport lines operated by the City of Bari. On Piazza del Risorgimento (50 meters) from the office there is a Bus stop. Here you can use "Circolare Murattiana-Manzoni", a free shuttle service that connects the main streets of downtown.

The office that is situated about 500 meters from the historical site of the Palace of Justice located in Piazza Enrico De Nicola where are located the Civil Court and some criminal courts. A little less than 1.5 km are located in Via Nazariantz other Criminal Law Court.
At about 700 meters in PiazzaMassari, is the seat of the TAR Puglia - Section of Bari.

You can easily reach by car or using public transport also the offices of "Giudice di Pace", located in Viale Europa.

The office is structured in compliance with all applicable regulations currently in force for the financial forensics (privacy and data security) and is fully organized with computer-based platform, "Google Apps" for the management practices entrusted to study.

The study has enabled electronic access to the justice system for the inspection of files in the various Italian courts and for the management of civil procedure, through the protocol "POLISWEB PCT", as well as for the production and exchange ofelectronic documents properly certified digital signature.

The relationship with customers is inspired by maximum transparency, both in relation to charges and the treatment method of assigned matters.

On specific request we can supply customers with custom authentication credentials for access to all records stored online ontheir position.

The office is equipped for organizing web conferences, via audio, video or text. For all information about it is suggested to visit the page on our site.

Studio legale Avv. Antonia Genovese
Via Domenico Di Giura, 93 - 85100 POTENZA

The office is located in Via Domenico di Giura, in the residential area "Parco Aurora", near the headquarters of Confindustria,easily accessible by car from the main accesses to the city by highway Basentana (outputs Potenza Centro - Potenza Est).

The Office is a available to receive guests from the region of Basilicata, to require prior specific appointment, by email or phone, to contact the headquarters of Bari.

The Law firm may take judicial activities at the main offices of the city  and, by agreement, even among the other